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Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are an important part of family law, as they enable both individuals entering into a marriage to determine what will happen in their future. These marital agreements provide a legal framework for how the marriage will operate and, in the case of a divorce, how the marriage will end. A Worcester County prenuptial and postnuptial lawyer at Burke Levy, P.C. can help you make lasting decisions on matters such as alimony, the division of property, and child custody at a time when things between you and your partner remain entirely civil and wholly rational.

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Setting the Stage with A Prenuptial Agreement

Despite the taboo, prenuptial agreements are nothing more than a tool used to build a more secure and dependable future for both parties entering into a marriage. Deciding how you would like your divorce to unfold while still happily together helps avoid expensive and damaging litigation later if the marriage were to start deteriorating.

Among other goals, a prenuptial agreement serves to:

  • Make clear the assets and debts both partners bring to the union
  • Clarify how joint assets acquired while married would be allocated upon separation
  • Decide on the amount and duration of alimony provided upon divorce
  • Protect the rights of children either partner has from previous relationships

Using Postnuptial Agreements to Strengthen Your Marriage

At any point during a marriage, a postnuptial agreement can be drafted to help both partners communicate more effectively, outline both parties’ responsibilities, and diminish conflict.

The most common reasons for entering into postnuptial agreements are to:

  • Modify an existing prenuptial agreement due to a dramatic shift in circumstance
  • Further clarify how property would be divided in the case of divorce
  • Accommodate for a significant change in financial status
  • Establish wills or estate planning

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