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If your freedom is at risk because of pending criminal charges in Worcester County, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney who will aggressively protect your rights.

At Burke Levy, P.C., our criminal defense lawyers utilize our 40+ years of combined experience, thorough case preparation, a track record of success, and total 24/7 personal service to safeguard your interests. Whether you have been arrested for a violent crime, or your son or daughter has juvenile law issues, our criminal defense lawyers protect the rights of clients locally and statewide. We understand the challenges you face, including harsh, life-changing punishments if you are convicted of a crime. Our criminal defense team has seen our justice system work from both perspectives, having each served as both defense and prosecution.

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Our trusted criminal defense team investigates criminal charges, negotiates with prosecutors and aggressively litigates against them in court when clients are arrested for:

Should You Tell Your Defense Attorney Everything?

Yes, it would help if you told your defense attorney everything.

Attorney-client privilege is a legal concept that protects communications between clients and their defense attorneys from being disclosed to anyone else.

This means that your criminal attorney cannot be forced to testify about anything you tell them; they cannot share your information with anyone else without your permission.

The more details they have, the better they can represent you. If you withhold information from your attorney, it could jeopardize your criminal case.

Here are some of the benefits of being honest with your criminal defense attorney:

  • Your attorney can give you the best possible advice and representation.
  • Your attorney will be able to build a stronger defense case for you.
  • You will more likely get a favorable outcome in your criminal case.

There are a few exceptions to attorney-client privilege, but they are very narrow. For example, an attorney may be required to disclose information if they believe you are planning to commit crimes or harm yourself or someone else.

Our Criminal Lawyers serving Worcester County Are Experienced and Ready to Help You

Hiring our experienced criminal defense lawyers is essential if you face criminal charges. A reasonable lawyer from our law firm in Worcester County, MD, can protect your rights and help you get the best possible outcome in your criminal case.

Don't resign yourself to severe penalties such as a jail or prison term, heavy fines and a criminal record as a felon. Don't surrender your freedoms and future without a fight. Our criminal defense lawyers, based in Worcester County, are prepared to fight right alongside you, wherever your criminal case takes you.

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If you are facing criminal charges or a difficult family-related legal dispute, Burke Levy, P.C. is committed to protecting your rights and safeguarding your future. Whether your criminal case requires skillful negotiation or tenacious and aggressive litigation, you can count on us to do everything possible to help you achieve a favorable outcome. From start to finish, our criminal defense attorneys will personally deal with every aspect of your case and can assist you with a wide variety of legal issues in Massachusetts.