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Paternity Lawyers in Worcester County

Protecting The Rights of You & Your Child

Paternity testIn Massachusetts, paternity is only established automatically if the biological parents are married when a child is born. Otherwise, steps must be taken to establish legal fatherhood, such as signing a paternity acknowledgment or asking the court to establish paternity. If you have questions about paternity or if paternity is disputed, our family law attorneys located in Worcester County can provide invaluable emotional and legal support while helping to establish and defend paternity.

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Why Establishing Paternity Matters

Whether a mother wishes to raise the child in question alone, or both parents assumed they’d remain together indefinitely and so did not take the proper steps at the time of birth, there are many reasons that one or both parents may need to establish paternity.

Having a legal father can provide a child with rights and benefits that are otherwise unavailable. These include:

  • Financial support: Allows for two sources of monetary input to help the child achieve their most successful future
  • Eligibility for benefits: Children can be under whichever parent’s health insurance is best for them, as well as being entitled to receive any pertinent Social Security, pension, veteran, or inheritance benefits under their legal father
  • Public assistance: In cases where welfare is received, your benefits may be reduced if you don’t do all possible to establish paternity and seek a child support order
  • A sense of identity: Knowing both parents and having a connection with both sides of the family has been linked to improved future success
  • Health knowledge: It may become crucial to have access to the father’s medical history to have all information available about diseases, physical issues, and other characteristics that have possibly been passed down

Other Benefits of Establishing Paternity

Whether you are a mother seeking child support or a father hoping to establish a legal claim to your child, a Worcester County paternity lawyer can see you through the process.

Establishing paternity has huge implications for the life of your child, such as:

  • Determining who has the right to make decisions concerning education, religion, and health care for the child
  • Impacting the timesharing plan established between parents
  • Designating the child support obligations of both parties

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