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Protect Your Freedom & Your Future from an OUI Conviction

Caught For a DUIBeing arrested for Operating Under the Influence (OUI) in Massachusetts is a serious criminal defense matter. Even first-time offenders can face steep fines, jail time and a loss of driver's license. Multiple offenses can increase the time limits on these penalties. A third offense is a felony.

If you were recently pulled over for drunk or drugged driving in Worcester or Middlesex counties, it is important that you act to limit the consequences and prevent a black mark from appearing on your record.

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Committed Representation When You Need It Most

Our highly experienced trial lawyers can help you keep your driver's license, money, and freedom. We have worked in criminal law, first as prosecutors and later as defense attorneys. Everyone on our team understands the criminal process inside and out and can use it to your advantage in an OUI case.

Situations in which our law office can help you include:

  • Driver's license/CDL suspension
  • First-time OUI
  • Underage OUI
  • Repeat OUI/Megan's Law defense
  • Hardship/"Cinderella" licenses
  • License reinstatement
  • Limiting potential employment implications by seeking an expungement of your arrest and conviction

Fighting to Help You Keep Your License

Many OUI attorneys take the easy way out. Instead of fighting for their clients in court, they urge their clients to take a plea bargain.

At Burke Levy, P.C., our first instinct is not to settle - it is to fight. If you retain our law office, we will investigate the evidence, including arrest records, police reports, the arresting officer's training, experience and history, and other relevant information. If we can determine that you were arrested improperly - due to a failure to observe arrest protocol, improper administration of (or false positives from) Breathalyzer or blood testing, or general lack of evidence - we will work to have your OUI charge dismissed before trial, or acquitted if a trial is needed.

Only when there are no better options will our team seek out a plea bargain. In such cases, we will seek to limit the negative consequences by seeking an alternative disposition in lieu of jail time.

For more information about your rights and options following an OUI arrest, contact Burke Levy, P.C. today at (508) 802-4546 to schedule an initial consultation with our experienced Worcester County OUI attorneys.

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